About Me

I grew up outside of Boston and spent my summers playing and getting dirty on the coast of Blue Hill, Maine. My love and connection to nature developed here,  and it was this need to be wild that brought me out West when I was 18.


I spent 4 years studying fine art photography at Colorado University, Boulder. During this time I completely fell in love with my camera, the mountains, people, adventuring...(well, a lot of things.) Art has always been a way for me to express myself, however it wasn't until I started taking photos that I really was able to let my imagination soar. I could think of anything and then create it with my camera. 


Personal growth work paired with my camera has been a doorway to one of my greatest passions: understanding people. By taking photos of people I am able to be with them and connect in such an intimate way. It is truly beautiful and it fills my soul. My home base is currently Venice Beach, LA.


I hope to see you all soon and thanks again for stopping by!

My Philosophy

Everyone is welcome here. Everyone is safe here. However you want to create together, I will hold space for. If you do not leave a shoot feeling more electric, alive and confident - I have not done my job. Your radiance is of the utmost importance to me.

Β© 2018 by Julia Shepley.