Harmony and I crossed paths during a tragic fire in her neighborhood of Boulder Meadows on October 21, 2014. I was immediately drawn to her, and I knew in my heart I had to get to know her. I found Harmony’s name online through interviews regarding the fire. I found a page of her poetry, which lead me to understand that Harmony was suffering from stage four brain cancer. I showed up in Boulder Meadows walking door-to-door asking for Harmony Johnson. What began as my first documentary photography piece, quickly turned into a bond and friendship with a woman who I love and admire with all of my heart. She has taken me to the depths of her fear and vulnerability, only to teach me the powers of love, trust, forgiveness, and most importantly an appreciation for life. These prints represent a collaboration between the two of us. We have compiled a series of portraits, to capture who Harmony is, and how she wants to be remembered.

© 2018 by Julia Shepley.