Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Updated: Apr 25

Honing in on your ideal client is a crucial North Star in your business. When manifesting your ideal client it’s crucial to keep the old faithful W’s in mind:

Who: Age, sex, identity, passions, values, loves, bank account, personality

What: What does your ideal client do for work?

Where: Where does your ideal client live? Where does your client hang out? Where could you meet them?

Why: Why you are choosing this clientele? What resonates with you in these people? Why do you care about them and want to work with them?

Answer these questions and write down everything about your dream client. When you are looking for work, it’s crucial to come back to this and let it guide you. People often ask “how do you find work?” This process starts with getting crystal clear on who your client is and where you can find them.

Are they in yoga studios? Healthy food markets? Do they own their own business? Are they at networking events? A LOT of my clientele is on Instagram, you can learn more about finding clients on Instagram by downloading my free guide to “Finding Your Clients on Instagram" located on my homepage.

But first, you must nail down who your client is!

The more specific you can get the better. Creating your ideal client manifestation not only helps you find people you truly love working with, but it will also helps you understand where you need to go/be to find them.

Below is an example of my ideal client manifestation.

Use this as an example of how precise you should be.


My ideal client is a 25-40 year old successful entrepreneurial woman. She is hard at work creating an empire and making a difference. She values personal growth work and is dedicated to making an impact on the world. She cares deeply about the growth of her business and not only values social media but views it as a crucial tool to her success. She has money in the bank and fully understands the value and gifts of investing in herself. She loves making a difference and she is fiercely aligned with her souls purpose. Her career emulates who she is and all her innate gifts. She is a master networker and loves connecting and gathering with like minded people.


She is a life coach, florist, massage therapist, yoga instructor, surf shack owner, designer, jeweler, boss business babe, beach bum, pro athlete, baker, tattoo artist, singer, band member, fashion blogger, health coach, CEO, traveler.


She lives on sandy beaches and in mountain towns. She lives on the West Coast, the East Coast and abroad. She lives in places with beautiful natural backdrops. She hangs in coffee shops, backyard, on hiking trails, on ski runs, she surfs in the ocean, she camps, she shops, she loves botanical gardens. She likes places with bright light and beautiful backdrops. I would be able to meet her at networking events, in line at the healthy grocery store, in a yoga class, surfing in the ocean, at a coffee shop, I could meet her through Instagram, at her shop and I could meet her through referrals and friends.


I choose her because she isn’t missing the point. She is fun to create with, talk with, work with. She is creative like me and loves an adventure. She’s not afraid to get dirty & talk dirty. She isn’t a perfectionist because I am not perfect and neither is she. I love her because she is real, she is honest, truthful and raw. I care deeply about their business, and their purpose + mission resonates and makes sense to me.


© 2018 by Julia Shepley.